For more information, please contact CFG marketing at Swiss headquarters
9 July 2004   CFG will once again be present at Electronica in Munich this November 9-12 2004. This bi-annual event is one of Europe's biggest trade shows in electronics. CFG will be exhibiting it's latest advances in LCD displays and LED lighting. Look for us at the Deutsche Flachdisplay Forum (DFF) stand
31 Oct. 2002   CFG's paper on New Insight into the Electric Field Distribution in OLED's as presented at the recent Conference on Inorganic and Organic Electroluminescence is now available for downloading.

Download paper

27 Sept 2002   CFG's Detlef Berner will be speaking at the Electronica Trade Show in Munich on the Operating Principles of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED's). The presentation will take place on Thursday, November 12, 2002 at 11:10 AM in Hall A3.

Download Program

1st Sept. 2002   CFG at ELECTRONICA, Munich, Germany November 12 - 15, 2002, Halle A6, Stand 438

CFG will once again be at Munich's Electronica trade show in November exhibiting its latest advances in display technology. Electronica is one of the biggest electronics trade shows in Europe and is visited by industry players from all over the continent. CFG will be showing its latest developments in backlighting for as well as it's advances in LCD and OLED technology. As in previous years, CFG will be collaborating with the Deutsches FlachDisplay Forum (DFF) and will be present on the DFF stand.

15, Aug. 2002   CFG to present research paper on OLED's at 11th International Workshop on Inorganic and Organic Electroluminescence & 2002 International Conference on the Science and Technology of Emissive Displays and Lighting in Ghent, Belgium, September 23 - 26, 2002

CFG will present its latest paper entitled "New Insight into the Electric Field Distribution in OLED's" written in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne. Using a combined experimental and numerical modeling approach, results for the electric field and current distributions in multlayer OLED's were obtained leading to several new recommendations for improving OLED performance. The paper will be availabe for downloading at this site after the conference. Stay tuned !

18th Feb. 2002   E-Look on display at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, March 13 - 20, 2002

Since it's first appearance, CFG's E-Look monitor has been selected for use in automobile telematics applications by the leading companies in this emerging industry. Come see these applications at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. E-Look will display and be displayed on the following stands : Comroad (Halle 26, C68), Cullmann (Halle 25, B06), Data-Mobile (Friedrich & Partner) (Halle 9, C54) and Hagedorn (Halle 6, D40).

6th Nov. 2001   CFG at Productronica, Munich, Germany November 6 - 9, 2001

Productronica is one of the largest trade shows for manufacturing equipment in the semiconductor electronics industry in Europe. CFG will be displaying some of it's latest LCD displays and OLED demonstration devices. As a member of the Deutsches Fachdisplay Forum (DFF), we hope to tell you about the latest developments in this exciting new industry.

Come join us on the DFF stand in Halle B6, Stand 465 !!

15th May 2001   Programming aids for E-Look display monitor now available

CFG is now offering DLL libraries of Visual Basic and C++ routines for easy programming of CFG's E-Look display monitor under a Windows environment. The librairies come with sample projects and explicit examples which cover a wide range of E-Look functions. A character generator is also included to allow the user to define his own character fonts. With these programming aids, the developer will be able to quickly develop and test prototype applications with E-Look without getting into the intracacies of assembler language.

The aids are now standard with each purchase of an E-Look display and are available free of charge to those who have already purchased an E-Look monitor. If you would like to receive these librairies, please contact CFG.

20th March 2001   CFG at the Hannover Fair, April 23 - 28, 2001

CFG will be displaying it's new flat panel displays for automobile applications and its latest developments in OLED's at the Hanovre Fair this April. As a member of the DFF (Deutsches Flachdisplay-Forum), CFG will be on the DFF stand in Halle 7, Stand A28.

Come visit us !

28th Feb., 2001   CFG joins Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum

CFG has recently been invited to become a member of the newly formed Deutsches Flachdisplay-Forum (DFF) in Germany. CFG is proud to be recognized for its activities in the German, and European flat panel industry and hopes to contribute further with its activity in the development of OLED's.

15th Jan. 2001   CFG at Management of Technology Conference in Lausanne 19 - 22 March, 2001

CFG will be presenting a paper at the 10th Annual Conference on Management of Technology to take place on 19-22 March 2001 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Entitled "Development of OLED's, a Next Generation Flat Panel Technology : Experiences from an On-going Collaboration between Industry and Academia", the paper will describe CFG 's experience in developing this new, emerging technology.

Click to download paper

20th Dec. 2000   CFG demonstrates passive, dot matrix OLED display and makes progress in increasing OLED lifetimes.

Continuing its development of OLED technology, CFG recently unveiled a simple, dot matrix OLED display demonstrator complete with drive electronics and controller. The display is monochrome with a 32 x 16 pixel resolution and is driven passively. Although the drive electronics can actually handle 128 x 64 pixels, mechanical constraints on the current glass size limited this first demonstrator to a small sized panel. A larger demonstrator with higher resolution is planned in the near future. (Click to see photos)

As the year comes to a close, CFG has also taken stock of its progress : OLED lifetimes are now better than 7000 hours. These lifetimes are directly measured values and not extrapolated lifetimes as are often given. Luminous efficiency has also been increased by a factor 3, now attaining close to 7 lumens/W.

15th July 2000   CFG set to mass produce new monochrome display monitor in September 2000.

Since its first introduction last year, CFG's new monochrome display for automobile applications has a received an astounding reception from automobile communciation systems makers and integrators. Applauded for its design, technical features and price, demand has greatly exceeded expectations.

CFG has spent the last year testing and finalizing specifications and has since dubbed the display platform E-LOOK. CFG is now set to mass produce. First pieces should begin shipping in September 2000.

15th Jan. 2000   CFG surpasses milestone for OLED lifetime six months in advance.

Supported by the Swiss Commission for Innovation and Technology, CFG and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have surpassed its goal of producing an OLED display device with more than 1000 hours lifetime at room temperatures six months ahead of schedule. As of December 31,1999, actually measured lifetimes were in excess of 2000 hours and still running at over 100 cd/m2.

The collaboration is currently working on developing encapsulation techniques to protect the OLED from degrading humidity and oxygen. CFG hopes to begin producing

25th June 1999   CFG demonstrates display device using new organic OLED technology developed in cooperation with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne
20th Feb. 1999   CFG develops new monochrome display monitor for automobile navigation systems.
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