Monochrome Flat Panel Display
For Automobile applications


Last update: February2002

CFG's E-Look monitor is a monochrome, flat panel display and swivel stand intended for automobile applications such as navigation and telemetry and other similar applications. Available as a standard or OEM unit, E-LOOK has a wide range of functions and options for user friendly operation.

Designed with the requirements of the automobile industry in mind, builders of navigation, telemetry and other car communication systems will save costly development time and effort with this module.

Features include :

  • A rotating stand with a wide range of positions allowing the display to be oriented for optimum viewing.
  • Easy one-hand mounting or removal of the monitor from the stand.
  • User-selectable backlight color
  • Integrated microcontroller with temperature and light sensors to manage display contrast and brightness in an automatic and transparent manner thus ensuring optimum viewing at all times.
  • RS-232 or RS-485 (optional) buses available for communication with the central unit. Infra-red receptor for user communication functions.
  • Matching infra-red remote control unit (separate)

LCD Specifications

Type : FSTN, positive or negative, transflective
Resolution : 124 x 68 dots plus 2-pixel wide frame border
Active area : 83.05 mm x 45.53 mm
View area : 84.5 mm x 46.3 mm
Dot size : 0.64 mm x 0.64 mm
Pixel pitch : 0.67 mm x 0.67 mm
View angle : 12 O’Clock
Contrast :
> 10 ; Temperature compensated
Operating temp. : -20░ to +75░ C operational
-20░ to +60░ C at full specification
Storage temp.  : -40░ to +85░ C ;
+90░ C for 1 hour
Backlight : 10 ▒ 2 cd/m2 at PWM = 100%
  Red (632 nm) and green (565 nm) LED’s controlled by microcontroller. Continuous range of backlight colors may be selected by mixing the two LED's.

Four predefined intensities controlled by light sensor for night, tunnel or garage, cloudy and sunlight ambient light conditions.

Contrast : Typically 10; temperature compensated
Electrical Specifications
Microcontroller : Philips 80C51 family
Data Bus : RS232 (standard) ; RS-485 (optional )
Connection :

Two meter twisted 4-pole cable with DB9 connector. (May be extended to 10 m max.)

Also available : 5 m shielded cable with 10-pole modular RJ-45 connector

Other connectors on request


Protection : Module protected against short power supply outages of 100 msec durations due to vibrations and shocks.
Sensors : Temperature sensor for LCD contrast compensation, photosensor for ambient light measurement (LUMSEN), infra-red receptor (optional)
Mechanical Specifications
Module dimensions : 105 mm (W) x 78 mm (H) x 21.6 mm (T) max. (without stand)

105 mm (W) x 118 mm (H) x 24.6 mm (T)
(with stand)
Positioning range :  ▒ 180░ about vertical z-axis
   +40░; - 90░ y-axis
   ▒ 40░ x-axis
Specifications may be changed without prior notice
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