About The Company


With over 20 years of experience, our know-how spans a diversified range of technologies and applications, e.g. advanced automobile displays, medical instrumentation, chip cards, and RF transponder tags. Indeed, our core competences include microelectronics, micro-mechanical engineering, materials, physics, software and manufacturing. This provides an ideal base not only for handling a broad range of problems, but for quickly learning and mastering new technologies, which is the only insurance against obsolescence in a world of short product cycles and ever increasing competition.

At CFG, performance means getting involved in your project, understanding it to the fullest and anticipating your needs.

From the beginning, our engineering team will analyze your problem from many angles - not just the technical ones - considering manufacturability, quality and reliability, environmental, strategic and other issues, in order to ensure a truly cost-effective solution offering a maximum of value for your application.

During development we maintain a maximum of flexibility, recognizing that changes can and very often do occur during this stage. Our teams are kept small, but polyvalent so as to optimize communication with you and among ourselves. And once the solution is approved for production, we adapt our manufacturing plans to meet your business needs whether this be in the size of the runs or the delivery schedules.