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Custom Designed Monochrome Liquid Crystal Display Modules

Since their first appearance in the mid-1970's, liquid crystal displays (LCD) have been finding their ways into more and more electronic devices and are now as ubiquitous as electronic chips themselves.

Indeed, the advantages of LCD's are many:

  • Low power consumption ( 1 ~ 10 W/cm )
  • Low voltage operation ( 1.5 ~ 8 V )
  • Clean, flickerless display
  • Thin, compact packages
  • Flexibility in design patterns

Finding the right LCD for an application can be difficult, however, if the requirements do not fit into the specifications found in standard catalogs. a custom solution is then necessary.

Our goal at CFG is to offer our customers competitive, fully adapted display solutions for their applications. Indeed, our specialists can help you choose the LC fluid and glass technology best suited to your special needs. Our electronics engineers can design the driver and control circuitry to fit optimally into your existing or planned systems, along with a wide array of options: illumination, voltage generation, temperature monitoring, heating, anti-glare, touch screens and many others.

Where space is a problem, our micro-mechanical engineers can help you solve your mounting problems with custom designed housings (metallic or plastic) and can offer specialized assembly techniques such as chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, TAB or chip-on-glass, along with interconnect technologies such as heat seals, flex, elastomeric zebra connectors and anisotropic conductive adhesives, to produce extremely compact, low power consuming modules.

And because we are a versatile company, our manufacturing facilities are designed to be as flexible as possible so as to handle small and large volumes alike and to deliver just-in-time or on-time. There are no minimum orders nor minimum glass sizes.

Case study : The ultimate monochrome module

Standard Modules

The following modules developed by CFG are available as standard modules :


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    CFG 255 000

CFG 168 000    
CFG 206 000