About The Company


Founded in 1975 by three engineers, CFG first began business as a microelectronics consultancy designing miniature LED displays for the Swiss watch industry. Its designs were so innovative, however, that CFG was soon obliged to become a manufacturer in order to prove its ideas. This challenge was successfully met when CFG inaugurated its first microelectronics assembly plant and delivered its first products in 1976. Since then CFG has increased its manufacturing capacity several fold and diversified its expertise into new technologies and applications. The company's markets, as well, have expanded to include the automotive, tele- communications and medical sectors.

Today, at its headquarters in Morges, Switzerland, CFG continues its tradition of microelectronics miniaturization by designing, developing and manufacturing high density microelectronic interconnect solutions for new and innovative products. For example, ultra-thin, low-power, monochrome LCD modules, full color LED panels, RF/ID tags and Reader/Writer systems, medical instrumentation and others. In addition to its engineering services, CFG also offers contract manufacturing to those clients requiring advanced microelectronics assembly technologies.

The company's manufacturing facilities include a near class 1000 clean room with fine-pitch wire bonding machines, an automated SMD assembly line, equipment for heat seal and TAB connection assembly and a complete line of climatic testing equipment.

ISO 9001 certified since 1992, CFG applies a variety of quality methods in its processes, for example, FMEA’s, SPC, quality profiles, etc., to ensure its world-class quality level. More recently, CFG has begun implementing a zero-defect philosophy with the aim of obtaining certification under the very stringent automobile norms of QS9000 and VDA6.